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Garage Door Air Seals

Custom Made Garage Door Sealing Solutions

Garage Door Air Seal logoDo you have issues with moisture, debris, heat loss or other issues due to a garage door that doesn't seal properly against the floor?  Do you experience ice build up in the winter time that prevents the garage door from closing tightly and creating a complete seal?  If so, whether for commercial or residential applications, you need our Garage Door Air Seals!

Garage Door Air Seals are an innovative product that enhances the performance of the bottom bulb seal of your garage door.  Simple to install, inflate and use, you will immediately see the difference.

Our patent pending air tube simply inserts into the bulb seal.  Once inserted, you inflate it to the desired PSI using a bike tire pump, hand pump, or air compressor.  If you over inflate it, simple push in the pin on the valve to release some air.


As you can see, they are simple to install, inflate and use!  The Garage Door Air Seal will help to reduce incoming moisture, debris, insects and rodents.  It can also help reduce heat loss in the colder months.

Our Garage Door Air Seals are custom made to fit most common residential and commercial garage door widths.  Visit our online store to purchase your Garage Door Air Seal today!

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