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Friday, 25 September 2020 02:40

Benefits Of A Great Garage Door Bottom Seal

The Garage Door Air Seal Solution For Leaky Garage Doors!

If you own a newer home, or have an older home that has an insulated garage, you may be watching money blow away under the bottom of the door if you do not have a great garage door bottom seal.

An insulated garage door offers significant benefits to all attached garages.  And having insulated exterior walls of your garage helps too.  But if your insulated garage door leaks at the bottom seal, all of your insulation efforts is rendered useless!

Even though the insulation measurement of your garage door and wall insulation (the R-value) is important, you must look at the seals and the hardware physical conditions too.

The most common garage door seals are the bottom seal, threshold seal and weather stripping.  These simple and inexpensive insulating devices can yield big returns to your comfort and your bottom line.

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