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General questions about our product and how it works.

It will create a better seal at the bottom of the garage door, to help keep out insects, snow, rain, and ultimately saving you heat transfer from your garage to the house.  (Saving you money)

We guarantee that your Garage Door Air Seal is free from manufactured defects. If you find a defect we will replace the seal free of charge.  Manufacturing defects will show up within 1-2 weeks of use.    Any punctures in the seal created by misuse are not considered manufacturing defects.  If for some reason the seal doesn’t work with your garage door, you can return it for a full refund using the enclosed return label.

Yes any garage door with a tube type bottom seal.

The Air Seal comes with an installation ball and string attached from the factory.  What you will need, is some liquid dish soap, water, and a bike pump.  We do recommend having a second person help feed the Air Seal while the other pulls the opposite end.

Yes and we are proud of it.

Every installation is different, but lowering the amount of air transferring from outside to inside will reduce heat loss from both inside the garage/shop and in the home, (If garage is attached to home), there for reducing heating costs.

If you can see visible air gaps/light under your garage door, this product is for you.  The standard tube seal takes a compression set and in the winter they become hard and flat.  The Air Seal will eliminate the compression set and keep the seal from going flat.

This seal has not been life tested, but if properly installed in a good existing bottom seal, it should last as long/or longer than the existing bottom seal. 

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